Lessons week of 12/10-14/18

This week’s focus is on Science and Social Studies and some Math:

In Science we are exploring Earth Science with a unit on Minerals.

Key terms:  hard, heavy, cubic, shape, break.

In Social Studies we are going to discuss Modern Times in the U.S. with a unit on History of Hip-hop.

Key terms:  Oral, Bronx, identical, Hip-hop.

Pre-tests Monday in each subject on key terms match to definitions and comprehension.  Lessons Monday-Thursday and a post-lesson tests on Friday.

In Math we are going to begin learning about fractions.

We will continue working on our individual goals/objectives and Moby Max.

If the weather cooperates we will go on our Community-Based Instruction (CBI) outing to Chick-Fil-A on Tuesday, 12/11.


Lessons week of 12/3-7/18

This week the main lessons we will be focusing on are:

20,000 Leagues Under the Sea, Book 2, Chapters 11-15

Captain Nemo, Ned Land, Professor Aronnax and Conseil head to the South Pole, deepest part of the sea and the polar ice cap as well as getting involved in a fight between two different kinds of whales.

Key terms:  incident, persuade, precautions, exposure, pressure, confined, frustrated and aground.

There will be a key term/definition match and a comprehension check.

This week’s unit in Health covers – Emotional Wellness

Emotions are energy in motion and how you deal with your feelings.

Key terms:  emotions, peers, affection, acceptance, communicate and risk behaviors.

There will be a key term/definition match and a comprehension check.

We will continue to focus on subtraction with regrouping, money and will start working on decimals/fractions; Moby Max and Pre-vocational training.

Also individual goals/objectives throughout the week.

Lessons week of 11/26-11/30/18

After a nice break for Thanksgiving, we are working on the following lessons this week:

Earth Science – Rocks and Everyday Life

  • Vocabulary:  Earth, inner core, sedimentary, igneous and metamorphic.
  • Sedimentary Rock Experiment (one time)
  • Quiz to check for understanding

Social Studies – Modern Times in the U.S. – The Arrival of TV

  • Vocabulary:  transmission, theorize, dynamic and static.
  • Quiz to check for understanding

News to You – Thanksgiving Traditions / discussion:  What am I thankful for?

Math – Making/Receiving Change

Reward system updates

Individual goals/objectives


Upcoming dates to remember:

12/11 – Community-based Instruction (CBI) to Chick Fil-A, behind the scenes tour/learning about the jobs there and their fabulous customer service.

12/20-21/18 Early Release apx. 11:30 AM

12/24/18-1/4/19 – no school, holiday break.


Lessons week of 11/12-16/18

What the focus will be this week:

As 11/12/18 is Veteran’s Day we will have a discussion about what this means and talk about who in our families (if anyone) has served in the military or is currently.

We will be covering 20,000 Leagues Under the Sea, Book 2, Chapters 6-10.  Professor Aronnax, Ned Land and Conseil are thinking more seriously about how to escape the Nautilus and Captain Nemo so they can return home, however, Professor Aronnax is torn as he has learned a lot about the ocean and its inhabitants which appeals to his being a scientist.  They are traveling to the Mediterranean ocean and learn how Captain Nemo makes his money and how he is spending it.  We will discuss key terms/definitions and do a comprehension check.

On Tuesday, 11/13/18, Ms. Holcomb-Knowles is out on personal business and her substitute is Mr. John Harris.  He has many years of experience working with Special Education and is very kind, knowledgeable and helpful.  The students are in great hands!

We are also learning about Wellness and “Choosing Good Health” – making good decisions, setting goals, etc.  There are also key terms/definitions and a comprehension check.

We will continue working on money – coins/bills, making change, etc. as a class.  Some of us will work on Prime numbers and multiples and some of us will work on subtraction with regrouping.

Also individual work on IEP goals/objectives and Moby Max.

Last Friday we went to Publix on our CBI trip.  Nate did an excellent job showing the students around the store and what each department does.  We had the opportunity to interact with a live lobster and touch it if we wanted to.  The Specialist was holding him the entire time and its claws were held closed with special bands.  We also learned how the lobster tails that appear bigger actually are not because they are that way to accommodate eggs for a female lobster.  The students got to sample some chicken strips and cookies.  We even got to walk inside the dairy fridge and saw how they stock the milk from the back of the case.  They even got to see the box crusher in action and it was surprisingly quiet.  They also got to practice using the infra red scanner to practice being a cashier.  From there we went to Wendy’s and they appeared to really enjoy ordering and paying for their own meals as well as making their own drink creations on the drink machine.  Next month we will be going to Chick Fil-A on 12/11/18.  They have excellent customer service and the students will have an opportunity to see how they operate and possibly purchase lunch.


Lessons week of 11/5-9/18

This week we will be covering the following:

Social Studies – Modern Times in the U.S./The Internet:  what it is, the history of how it came about, and its importance in our lives.  Key terms like internet, e-mail and contracted plus their definitions and comprehension check on Friday.

Science – We Are All Unique – what makes us unique?  Key terms like cell, nucleus, chromosome and inherit along with definitions and comprehension check on Friday.

Tuesday was Election Day and we are having discussions about the history of what groups got to vote when (1870/1920) and why it is important to have your voice be heard by voting.  Also the students had a day off and the Teachers had an off-site work day of learning.

On Friday we are going on a Community-Based Instruction (CBI) to Publix Supermarket where we will learn about each Department in the store and job responsibilities of workers at Publix, locate items in the store and possibly make a purchase.  We will then go to Wendy’s for lunch to practice social skills and math.

Reminder: upcoming days off

On Tuesday, November the 6th, Election Day, the students will have a day off of school while the Teachers attend Professional Learning all day.

The week of November 19-23, 2018 is Thanksgiving/Fall break and no school for students or Teachers.

Early Release on 12/20-21 at apx. 11:30 AM.

The 2 weeks of December 24, 2018 – January 4, 2019 is Holiday/Winter break and no school for students.  Teachers report back on 1/3-4/19 for Teacher workdays.

Lessons week of 10/29-11/2/18

What we are learning about this week:

20,000 Leagues Under the Sea – Book 2, Chapters 1-5 with a review of the main characters, setting, major and minor themes, genre.  We go over key terms and definitions before the lesson, discuss the chapters and then do a comprehension check at the end.  To incorporate STEAM futher we also discussed the geography of where the Nautilus traveled in these 5 chapters along with the sea life they encountered.

As of Monday, 10/29/18, I have launched a class reward system where students can earn money daily to be cashed in weekly for snacks during our fun Friday afternoon movie.  The guidelines were reviewed and are posted in both words and with pictures.  There are also pictures available of current rewards chosen from items the students indicated they would be interested in earning.  Special thanks to Alix Combs for assisting me in starting the ball rolling with ideas as well as purchasing some snacks and drink choices.  The students get to further practice their math money skills by adding up their earnings before leaving each day.

We are reviewing coins this week:  pennies, nickels, dimes and quarters.  There are practices for combinations of bills and coins as well as how much change you should get back if you purchase items costing ‘x’.   Sometimes I gave them the correct change and sometimes not.

Some of us reviewed Prime Numbers.  Others worked on time to the half-hour and minute.

Some of us reviewed our Fry vocabulary words and practiced our handwriting.

We continue to work on Moby Max apx. 45 minutes/day.

Pre-ETS was cancelled this week, however, we did work on the homework assignment by doing several practices for our elevator information.  We wrote about Who Am I?  (strengths/weaknesses, why an employer would hire me, etc.), then rewrote some based upon Teacher comments, then actually wrote what we plan to say when we present our elevator information to the combined MID groups.