Reminder and Lessons week of 3/18-22/19

Reminder:  There will be no school during Spring Break, the week of 4/1/19-4/5/19, school resumes on 4/8/19

Lessons week of 3/18-22/19 include:

Social Studies:  American Rights the (illegal) Immigrant Issue.  Key terms:  immigrant, quota, American Indians, Hispanic and Mexican.  A brief history of immigration that encompasses both legal and illegal forms.

Science:  How the Universe Began.  Key terms:  Sun, Big Bang, exploded, stars and planets.  Overview of the Big Bang Theory, planets, solar system and the universe.

If time permits we will work on English – high-level group will pre-learn key terms, read the graphic novel about Susan B. Anthony and voting illegally in 1920 and answer questions, as well as do a comparison of the graphic novel to the Women Who Voted leveled book.  The lower-level group will work on a News2You lesson on Smart Homes with supplementary English and Math worksheets.

We are continuing our work in fractions, subtraction with regrouping, Moby Max and our individual goals and objectives.


Reminder and lessons week of 3/11-15/19

Reminder:  Early release on Wednesday, 3/13/19 at 11:30 AM.

This week’s lessons will be on:

Women and the Vote (graphic novel) / The Woman Who Dared (leveled book) as part of Women’s History month for the higher reading level students.  Women and the Vote:  Key terms:  allowed, considered, contribute, documents, organize, support, Amendment, Constitution, election, injustices, movement, suffragists, gender, picketed and sentinels.  The Woman Who Dared:  Key terms:  abridge, citizenship, prosecuted, qualification, register and suffrage.  After going over the key terms/definitions then reading Women and the Vote they will highlight the key terms in the book.  There will be questions and answers individually and as a group.  Next we will cover The Woman Who Dared key terms, highlighting them in the graphic novel and questions/answers individually and as a group.  Next we will compare the two for similarities and differences and discuss.

The lower reading group will finish up the Women’s History Month and worksheets from News to You and then starting Art in Schools and worksheets from News to You.

Fractions – going back over numerator/denominator.  Whole, pieces of a whole, etc.  There will be modeling, worksheets and manipulatives used to explain the concepts.

We will continue working on Moby Max as well as individual IEP  goals and objectives.


Reminder and Lessons week of 3/4-8/19

On Wednesday, March 13, 2019 there will be an early release day at 11:30 AM.

Lessons week of 3/4-8/19

Science – Explore Earth Science, Lesson 6, Using a Thermometer.  Key terms:  thermometer, temperature, hot, cold and change.  We will be doing an experiment to show how to use this tool.  Very short chapter so will cover Monday and post-test Tuesday.

Then we will move to Lesson 7, Weather and Our Daily Lives.  Key terms:  sky, rain, hail, temperature and thunderstorm.  We will discuss why knowing what the weather will be is important to us as it helps us plan what to wear and it informs our activities.

In U.S. History we will talk about the Civil Rights Movement.  Key terms:  protesting, discrimination, volunteer, Sit-in, demonstrators and Legislative.  Half of the class has been studying this in English around a Martin Luther King, Jr. biography and a story of a Jackson-Sit in graphic novel so this is a continuation of that.  For the others it will be a refresher from past lessons.

On Friday we are going to Kroger for a behind-the-scenes tour for the student that has a strong interest in working there to learn about the various jobs and departments.  They boys requested going to American Deli for lunch afterward to allow them to practice their math skills.

We will continue working on Individual goals and objectives, subtraction, fractions, decimals, and Moby Max.


Weekly lessons 2/25-3/1/19

Welcome back from break!

This week we are working on English and Health lessons as follows:

Health – Decision Making for Nutrition…how being informed about Nutrition helps you make better food choices.  Includes the 2018 Food Pyramid and MyPlate initiative.   Key terms:  broiled, cancer, high blood pressure, smoked, nitrites, balanced diet, yogurt, ingredients and grams.  We are matching key terms to a picture(s) and doing a comprehension check.  We are talking about varying food choices and that sometimes you may choose to eat less healthy, but the next time eat more healthy–use moderation.  We will do a math exercise around reading a food label and if you eat more than one serving of that food.

English – one group will be working on the Jackson sit in graphic novel.  First we will go over key terms and definitions and locate them in the novel and highlight the words, then read the story, re-read the Martin Luther King Jr. graphic novel and have a discussion comparing the two.  We will also discuss and answer questions about each graphic novel.  Next is a venn-diagram to show what they have in common and how they are different.  Lastly, we will discuss conflict and how it applies to these novels.

Math will involve fractions and subtraction with regrouping.

Moby Max and individual goals and objectives will also be worked on.


Weekly Lessons 2/11-15/19

This week’s focus is on Science and Social Studies…

In Science we are learning about The Water Cycle.  Key terms are water, ground, air, wet and river.  There will be an experiment on condensation apx. Wednesday.

In Social Studies we are learning about American Slavery.  Key terms are involuntary, prehistoric, plantation and emancipation.  There will be a short timeline to show the 354 years from start to the Civil Rights Act of 1964.

CBI last Friday was at New Balance and they did a great job with the tour.  The Manager, Alex, even came in on his day off.  Besides learning about how the store runs and jobs there (must be 18 to work there), they also got to do a foot scan to learn about their ankles, pressure points and arches plus try on some shoes.  They design these shoes with podiatrists and other experts to help support the feet and body.  Kudos to New Balance and Alex!  At lunch most of us went to Taco Bell and one of us went to Arby’s with the bus driver, Ms. Mia.  It was a great opportunity to practice ordering within a budget and counting change. There were some real life budgeting lessons that came from lunch that we will discuss.

We will continue working on fractions, Moby Max and IEP goals and objectives.

Reminder:  week of 2/18-22 there is no school due to winter break.


Lessons week of 2/4-8/19

This week we are focusing on the following:

Martin Luther King Jr’s “I Have a Dream” speech, biography and discussions about how he impacted civil rights and used non-violent protests to make effective points and inspired changes.

In Health we are covering Nutrition and Making Healthy Food Choices.  Key terms:  nutrition, nutrients, starch, fiber and proteins.  One of our assignments will be to make a chart of the 6 important nutrients.

On Friday, 2/8 we are going on a Community-Based Instruction (CBI) to New Balance shoe store for a behind-the-scenes tour.  The students will have an opportunity to see what kind of jobs are available and what it takes to operate the store.  There is a possibility to practice ordering lunch within a budget and receiving correct change.

We will also continue working on fractions, subtraction with regrouping, Moby Max and our IEP goals and objectives.

Reminder:  Winter break (No School) is 2/18-22/19.

Week of 1/28-2/1/19

This week started off a bit differently than our usual week in that we had a make-up date for out postponed December Community-Based Instruction (CBI) to Chick Fil-A East Lake.  They were very gracious hosts (Carla was our guide) to us for a behind-the-scenes tour to see what other jobs there are at Chick Fil-A besides cashiers/order takers.  We found out interesting information such as that they have a 3-step process for food safety in how they thaw the chicken that they use in the restaurant and how they prepare food fresh daily, that new employees are trained for 30 days and how they have ongoing training throughout the year.  There are opportunities to advance in the company and to potentially earn scholarships as a leader.  We got a free ice cream cone at the end of the tour.  As it was Joseph’s birthday Ms. Holcomb-Knowles got him his choice of dessert, which was a chocolate shake and chocolate chip cookies to share with his class.

At this moment, we are not having school on 1/29/19 due to potential bad weather.  When we resume our school week we will continue to work on the following:

Social Studies:  The Rights of Americans:  Women’s Rights Movement – key terms:  property, Enlightenment and convention.  It has only been 99 years since women earned the right to vote!  In the past a lot of women were in charge of raising the children at home while men worked outside the home.  They also did not have the right to own property.  When women started working during the Industrial Revolution their pay was less than men’s, etc.

Science:  Hard-boiled Earth…How is Earth like a hard boiled-egg?  one example:  they both have layers.  How is it different?  They have different shapes.  Key terms:  egg, cracked, Earth, shakes, ground.

We will spend some time doing individual independent assignments reading about the Superbowl and or the Tuskegee Airmen–The Best Kept Secret Graphic Novel with worksheets to complement the lesson.

There will also be Moby Max as well as work on individual goals and objectives.